Know that you are very sensitive to the energies of other people and want to know how to do something about it? Want to enhance your natural spiritual gifts and not sure where to start? This introduction to using Tarot Cards as a vehicle for intuitive exploration is a very beautiful way to harness your own gifts and using tarot and oracle cards.

On Saturday January 19th from noon to 3, this class we will cover how to intuitively read tarot. Not using the book. Not using traditional arcana to create meaning for the cards. This is a free form style where you use what you notice in the moment to gather story and meaning from these wonderful tools!

In this class we will be covering,

-Using color to create change and meaning within any type of Card
-Using Archetypes to find intuitive insight
-Introduction to channeling where you allow Universal Energies to bring insight
-Opening up and embodying heart awareness
Working with and reading shapes in cards and how they relate to relationships and answer questions.

$60 Investment

About the Teacher. Krista has been working with Tarot for 21 years. It proved to be the first step in a series that lead to intense study and practice and various energy healing arts, from Massage, to Yoga, to Energy Healing and Chakra Medicine. She has studied under various teachers including Cyndi Dale, Dr. Richard Bartlett and Donna Eden.