Work With Me.

You are tired of the discomfort and physical pain you’re in, and you’re pretty sure there’s more to life than this.

You wish you could be more confident, put yourself out there, and trust that the Universe will always have  your back.

Your self care is important, yet you keep pushing it aside to care for the needs of your job and family. You feel deep aches inside your body, little warning beacons telling you that your pain is going to continue to grow. You feel more and more tired every day and the constant tossing and turning at night doesn’t help.


Time is a precious thing and if you set aside just a little bit of time to take care of your body and your energies, you’ll find that your remaining time will be well spent being super productive at creating the life you want. The better you feel, the better thoughts you will have and the better manifestations will occur around you.

Its no secret. We all have bodies and all bodies need maintenance. The more you push pain to the side, the greater the strain you have on your deeper systems and the more difficulty your world becomes. Taking the time to have your body taken care of is priceless and serves to take more care you in the long run.

You’ve had enough. You know there is more to the world then what is being offered to you and the best way to change that is to take action! No more pain in the body. No more pain the the mind and no more pain in the spirit. It’s time to dig all that stuff out of there!

“Krista is a very talented, skillful and well educated intuition guide and massage therapist.  I first saw Krista because I was struggling with a life changing struggle I was going through at the time.  During our session she told me what she saw me doing in the future and  how to deal with the crippling anxiety the whole thing was causing me.  Krista hit the nail on the head.  What she saw me doing, really happened the following week and was the first step in me moving toward getting myself out of a hella stressful situation! I have also since been back for her massage work.  She is a wonderful and highly intuitive therapist that just seems to know what I needed during the treatment. I am extremely grateful to have found such a gifted healer that utilizing so many modalities!  PS she also rocks with the hot stones… perfect for this chilly time of year!”- Kim R

So lets get started, shall we?