I’m not a huge a fan of, “The Law of Attraction,” and was reminded of that very recently when speaking to a bodywork colleague about business. I was trying to figure out ways to work through some serious social anxiety (the joy of being an introverted empath.) and let more people in my area know more about me, and they responded with, “Well, how did you attract your social anxiety?” and a bunch of follow up questions of how I should just, “get over it,” and “just get out there and do it.” Because if I didn’t, I was telling the Universe that I didn’t really want these things so the Universe would take them away from me.

Basically, I thought that was a huge pile of horse fecal matter.

This is something that is called “Spiritual Malpractice,” when one judges a situation that someone is in and essentially blames them for their set of circumstances. This is when spiritual thinking and knowledge is essentially used as a weapon on other people. It can also be a mechanism for control.

A lot of people will just mold their belief of what spirituality should look like and stick it into a box full of their issues and then act of those issues onto others, levels of control and covering up place where they feel less then essentially.

When it comes to the Law of Attraction specifically, I have some opinions, and this is precisely what they are, opinions. I know lots of people who are wonderful, kind hearted, super spiritual folk who are huge believers in the Law of Attraction and are amazing manifesters. I attend a New Thought church, which is pretty much a huge source for many concepts that stem from the Law of Attraction. I have played with Law of Attraction concepts myself and have seen first hand that sheer power that this type of thinking and being and doing can create in others.

But I do have opinions on how its held and how its used. I absolutely do have opinions on this.

The biggest one is with the concept of the higher the frequency, the more spiritual, the better of a person you are the higher your frequency should be.  While the premise behind this belief is very important and valid, i.e. be a nice darn person, see the good in others and do nice things for other people. Strive to be the best person you can be, it still creates a concept of duality and within this duality where there is good and there is bad if your are low you are bad and if you are high you are good.  It is very similar, energetically speaking with the Christian belief system of heaven versus hell. Heaven having a higher frequency and literally being up while hell is considered dense or negative and is literally located down on the map of righteousness. There is nothing wrong with this, but it can limit ones view of reality just other many other views can limit ones reality.

While there is nothing wrong with this belief system in the sense that all belief systems are valid, some are simply more balanced compared to others. Now personally, I find the concept of some frequencies being good versus other frequencies being bad, not a very useful concept. Frequency is just frequency. Its whats in the particular

frequency that can make it useful or not useful for your particular experience of reality.

And thats all we are really doing right now anyway when you think about it, experience reality through a particular lens of consciousness. Now its really up to you to work on how wide of spectrum you desire to see this lens though and what frequencies you so desire to work through.

One of my teachers, Cyndi Dale, wrote this fascinating book called “Advanced Chakra Healing,” and divides reality into four basic parts with their own frequency. In this case frequency is referring to what is possible within a particular reality set, so for example if in “Law of Attraction,” belief system the higher the frequency you go, the more you are able to manifest what you want and need on your journey in this life. i.e. you’ll get the perfect job in the perfect city right when you want and ned it to happen.

This sort of thing.

What Cyndi mapped out in her book, “Advanced Chakra Healing,” reality is divided into four main frequency bands (simplicity, simplicity, simplicity.) Now I’m drastically making this model very simple (the books is over 500 pages.)

The 1st one is basic reality, what you wake up to in the morning and how you go about your day and whatnot. Just every day wonder bread reality.

The 2nd level is where energy comes into play, where all matter has a little of tendrils of energy is connected to all physical matter, by understanding how these energies work and the relationships here, one can commune with reality on this plane.

The 3rd level is a shamanic layer where nature and the spirits of nature all interface and intertwine with one, another. Here is where shamans live, medicine people who can connect to nature in order to create change in the universe.

The 4th level is the divine level, where everything is interconnected to a cosmic consciousness. It is here that no matter what happens, its for a reason and all within a divine blueprint.

Essentially this is 4 different ways of looking at reality and by looking at frequency in this manner, one can essentially shift their consciousness to the level that is appropriate for the moment.

Each and every one of these levels is related to your body. Lets take lower back pain for example. There are various methods one can use to work with their back pain. If they go to the first basic reality, they can cause a lot of change, such as going to a massage therapist, or working on strengthening their abdominals with a pilates instructor or going on a diet to lose weight to take pressure off their back.

They could also do this and also take the 2nd level into consideration, which would address the energetics of the area as well, such as clearing the chakra associated with the pain area.  One simple way of addressing this is simply tracing a figure 8 over the area that is in pain. Do it often, multiple times a day and and for many, many days.

The 3rd level would involve working with nature, such as going out into nature, maybe finding plants that grow wild that have medicinal purposes and simply just enjoying being out there. To move into a Shamanic way of working with nature, one would attune and work the energy of what they are working with and feeling all around them to create change as well! For lower back pain, it can be as simple as sitting under a tree for an hour and watching the birds and the wind moving through the branches, this can create a sense of calm. Hiking terrain (if its comfortable.) can strengthen the hips, the abdominals and lower back and make it easier to flow into change. Going into meditation and seeking the help of any animals who cross your path or any plants that catch your interest is a great way to strengthen the connect to this particular level of reality.

Working with the 4th level is with mindset and prayer. Having a positive attitude and visualizing what you want as well as trusting in forces much more intelligent then yourself to aid in your way are all also great ways of creating change in your reality. The power of prayer and visualization has been shown in multiple studies to help cardiac patients recover faster from surgery and statistically people who are in communion with their spirituality show higher levels of happiness and ease. 

Playing with all four levels in a fabulous way to create lasting change in your reality. And I would play in each of these levels. Having a large spectrum of awareness is paramount in creating lasting change that can move mountains.