Low back pain creeping into every movement? The work desk drops pain tendrils with every little weight shift? You pause and catch your breathe expecting another twang to move through your body?

What if I told you it was coming from your hips and sitting is what is shifting this tension to the back?

What if I told you by gaining awareness in the hips is the way to ease into pain relief. 

Much as a lot of life, a lot of pain is coming from your body having a lack of options. You move in very articular ways over a long period of time until the muscles shorten, fascial becomes tight, the pelvis tips forward and yanks on your lower back.

This is the opposite on how you were designed to move.

What I told you that a few simple, relaxing movements with breathe can ease the pain and open you up to more possibilities.

Pain is an eraser. Some people push past it until they can’t anymore. Their body will take them down.

In this 90 minute somatic exploration we will go into the mechanics of how the pelvis moves in relation to the lower back along with the mechanics of how pelvis and spine move with your movement. 

You will feel a change in your body when you leave this class.

It is for everyone and is very easy movements.