Part of the reason why sometimes traveling and going and spending time with family can be so anxiety ridden and nerve wracking is because of things that happened in the past. While, it’s not surprising that a lot of family are a source of a lot of memories, which can be very, very good or very, very challenging. We’re going to be concentrating on the concept of what makes family time or these memories from the past challenging.

A big reason for that is Triple Warmer Meridian. It’s located on the ring finger, runs up the arm and connects to the temple. This Meridian governs your fight, flight, freeze, or fawn response. And this is a Meridian whose job is to literally keep you alive so your body developed during a time where you legitimately needed to be worried about being eaten by a saber tooth tiger.

How would this happen? You are out for a walk and a saber tooth tiger appears. You’ll either make friends with it, you’ll freeze, pretend like you’re dead and it won’t want to have anything to do with you. You may also run away or you fight back. The result is going to be very clear within a couple of minutes whether or not you survive. So what triple warmer would do is it would take all your energy and it would take it from all your other energy systems. It would take it from your meridians, your chakras, your aura, everything to just get as much energy it 

conceivably can to keep you alive. And while that was very, very useful, the human species survived the era of the saber tooth tiger. It still responds that way to being late to work, to paying a bill, to looking at one’s bank account, to going and visiting people that may have caused some challenges in the past.

The first thing you can do to start reversing triple heater so you can move back into a rest and digest and your energies can do their job. A great way is to relax triple heater. And you can do this. And two easy ways, uh, one is to make an okay symbol with your hands and you’re going to put the thumb and the index finger at your temple and you’re going to put the other three fingers at your forehead and you’re just going to take a nice deep breath in and you’re just going to repeat to yourself, I’m okay. I’m okay. I’m okay and just breathe while you’re doing this. And then just take your hands off, shake them.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, ancient sages mapped out a series of 12 energetic meridians. And basically what these do is that they are conscious extensions of our body, mind and spirit, and they had a physical place. There’s a lot of medicine around these energetic veins as well. Meridians are where the acupuncturists stick their needles and the basis of Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Triple Heater is one of them. The other is spleen and spleen is actually the firs area that triple warmer takes from the energetics of spleen is integration. If you think about what the physical spleen does, it is the seat of the immune system. It makes sure to allow in what’s supposed to be in and it kicks out what’s not supposed to be there.

Energetically what happens is in order to keep us alive temporarily, because we’re not supposed to have saber tooth tigers chasing us for hours, days, weeks, months, years at a time, that Triple Heater Meridian takes away from Spleen Meridian. So our energetic immune system is the first thing to go when facing extreme fight, flight, freeze or fawn. What spleen does for you is it is the energetic immune system and it is a very deep grounding system. Spleen actually starts at the at the first toe and it travels all the way up the inside of the legs and it goes onto the outside of the hips, up to the armpits and back down to the middle of the rib cage. So if you float your elbow up with your hand facing down and then touch your rib cage right there, almost like you’re going to do an impersonation of a chicken and just kind of buzz yourself there, right in the ribs.

That’s a lymphatic area associated with Spleen Meridian. That is also the place where the Meridian ends. So by sedating triple heater and then strengthening spleen. What you’re doing is you are allowing an ancient intelligence system that is hardwired into your body to do its job. So you don’t have to work so hard to regulate and moderate your behavior. Noticing where you are or just being, you know, in a state of alarm and anxiety during the holiday season. Here spleen is really good at filtering any energies that aren’t useful for you. It helps prevent energies that don’t belong to you from getting into your body. So two, three main ways of strengthening spleen is the first one is the triple heater spleen hug.

Triple Heater/Spleen hug is a really good way of modulating both of those meridians, taking that triple heater energy and you’re literally filtering it into that spleen side, which it’s a much sweeter energy. It’s an earth energy. Also, it’s a good thing to do in a pinch. So if you find yourself being triggered. If you find yourself getting anxious,. If you’re getting thoughts that’s causing your body to go into alarm, try a Triple Heater/Spleen hug. 

Take your arms out like an airplane position and they are going to swoop your hand and you’re going to touch the side of your ribcage and then you’re going to swoop the other hand and you’re going to touch that outer arm and just kinda hold that for a minute, breathe and let go, and then do it on the other side. 

Another way is a spleen flush. So you’re going to take her hands at the side of your rib cage. You’re going to trace them opposite spleen down the root cage to the hips, to the inner thighs, down the shins, off the toes, and then move up three times.

The third one is the chicken dance. So that’s hitting those lymphatics. So hit your, put your thumbs on to the sides of your rib cage and just buzz yourself right there. So do that.

Keep doing everything we’ve covered.

“Everything is Going to Be Okay.”

Trace Triple Heater backwards

Triple Heater/Spleen Hug

Flush Spleen Meridian

The Chicken Dance

We just did it. It only took maybe 30 seconds.