The third eye chakra is also known as the sixth chakra. It is located in the head, right behind the pituitary gland. It also moves out through the top of the skull into the crown chakra and is associated with the pineal gland. The pituitary gland is energetically  involved in mental prowess and intuition. These scales tend to tip one way or another towards either mental fitness or psychic inspiration. Sometimes we tend to lean more from our intuition as opposed to our logic or over analyze everything which talks us out of our intuition.

One thing about this particular chakra is that it is a higher frequency chakra. This means it’s located higher in the body, moves energy at a faster vibration. It mostly contains thoughts and also spiritual awareness. All the chakras deal with spirituality one way or another. This is an area that really manufactures and discerns building blocks for inspiring physical manifestation.

The third eye chakra works closely with the heart chakra and the sacral chakra. The heart chakra is located in the chest. The sacral chakra is located right below the belly button.

These three deeply govern emotions. When they are strong and balanced, emotions are a strong navigation points to discern what is healthy for you. If the heart and sacral chakras are low and the 3rd eye is high, it tends to be more of the analyzing of emotions as opposed to really just feeling them. When these three chakras are working together, you can have deep intuitive knowing. Your thoughts are aligned and you’re able to manifest easily. You’ll be able to discern which thoughts are congruent with your soul path and which aren’t.

These three areas can become imbalanced by an energetic meridian known as triple warmer. It is a meridian which is a river of consciousness that flows from your ring finger all the way up to your temple. It is in charge of keeping you alive. In traditional Chinese medicine, it warms the body. If your body’s not warm, you’re dead. It has the unique ability to hyperlink to other areas of the body. According to Donna Eden in her book Energy Medicine, highly recommended, triple warmer is  a radiant circuit, meaning it can go anywhere in the body in order to help.

Survival is triple warmer’s focus. While, you aren’t concerned about being eaten by a saber-toothed tiger, triple warmer doesn’t know the difference between a huge, hungry mammal “I’m running late the work” or “I have to pay this bill” or “I have this deadline”. Stress and triple warmer go closely together.

The more stressed you are, the more triple warmer thinks that you’re in physical danger. It takes away more from your other energy systems. It can actually cut off the connection between your sacral chakra, your heart chakra, and your third eye. Some signs of an overactive tripe warmers is.

– feel like your thoughts are going in all sorts of directions.

-You’re having trouble concentrating.

You a lot of ideas, but you really don’t know which one you should act on.

-It’s really hard to prioritize what you need to concentrate on.

-You feel a lot of anxiety

-There is a large sense of urgency start coming up everywhere.

-You have trouble sleeping.

While triple warmer is intelligent and adept at helping keep you alive and safe. It’s really important to know if your triple warmer is high, balanced, or low. Now chances are, your triple warmer’s not low. One great way is going directly to this third eye chakra and using the wisdom there. You can simply form the OK symbol with your hands. Everything is going to be okay. Put your hands at your temples. Cross your fingers right over your third eye.

This does connects that chakra. It also connects the end of the triple warmer meridian. Notice what you feel. If you feel a sense of calmness coming over you, a sense of slowing down, your triple warmer is a little on the high side. The innate wisdom of the third eye is just saying, “Hey, you know what? We’re cool. We’re calm. Everything is safe.” Breathe. Exhale. Continue to hold for three to four minutes.

 Touch four fingers together pointing up with the thumb down. This is known as the House of God from Tantra. You’re going to put your thumbs right here at that third eye. Breathe in. Exhale. Go right down to your heart right on your sternum. Breathe in. Exhale. Down on that sacral chakra right below that belly button. Breathe in. Exhale.

Shake your hands, and place your hands to your temples. You’re going to swoop right behind your ears. Pull on the top of your shoulders. If you have tight shoulders, guess what? That’s the line of triple warmer meridian. Chances are that the stress, the, “I need to get everything done. I need to move, move, move, move, move. There’s not enough time to get everything done,” it all collects here. You’re just going to pull all of that into the innate wisdom of the heart. It is your true navigation sense. That is where the information comes down from above all the way down like a faucet into the heart. Then the heart helps put that energy where it needs to be in order for you to help manifest and move forward. And to trust those intuitive thoughts that you’re getting and the analytical thoughts that you’re getting as well.

So if you want to play with this, just keeping playing with moving that fire from here to the heart to the sacrum. Just do it a few times a day, and let me know how it is after about a week or so. That is working with the third eye and just turning down the volume in order to listen to your own intuitive self.