You are looking for answering with all the questions that keep sorting around in your mind that you’ve wondered and pondered and desired to know what to do with. Maybe you are dealing with a big emotional block in your life that you are struggling to move through and get around. Sometimes the answers to your questions and the removal of obstacles lays within the need to find out what is happening under the surface.

Everything is energy and in energy lies the answers. Maybe you working with and struggling with wanting to know where you should focus your energy and desires towards. Should you buy the new, red car or take the plunge with this new boyfriend. Maybe you have noticed that you run into the same issue over and over again. No matter how often you change job locations, your boss always seems like a bully and you notice you have way more work piled on you then some of the other workers. Its time for that promotion and its time to be recognized for your considerable talent and be paid for this. Why do you keep being passed over? The answer to these questions and more can lay within your energy field itself.

Why energy? It is the foundation of our connection to the Body, Mind and Spirit. You can change your energy and with that change the way you perceive life. Things become easier. You start to feel recognized and appreciated. The difficult spins life hands you become less of a burden and transform to seeing more and more blessings around you!

I first saw Krista because I was struggling with a life changing struggle I was going through at the time.  During our session she told me what she saw me doing in the future and  how to deal with the crippling anxiety the whole thing was causing me.  Krista hit the nail on the head.  What she saw me doing, really happened the following week and was the first step in me moving toward getting myself out of a hella stressful situation!

Kim Rash

Entrepreneur , Santa Fe Salt Cave