The purpose of this program is to give your body the full force potential to heal and move into healing. By addressing the energetics along with the physical we are forming a bridge to help you reach those physical mental and spiritual places that you desire to get too.

Private somatic yoga gears towards you diving into your body so it works better and as one unit for you as followed up by a 90 minute energy massage once a week. This really gives both your body and its energies an opportunity to reset, realign and move into staying in one place. Give it a constant program is wonderful for constantly allowing your body the opportunity step into a new awareness and a new reality.

1 Dear Krista email once a week, where Krista will do an energy healing via a letter that you can cherish forever. You can email her any issues you are having you she’l work with the divine and your spirit guides to realign that for you.

1 Pre-Earth Regression session where we will journey to lives you’ve lived before coming to earth and give your soul the opportunity to heal. Though also allotting for anything that comes up that needs to be worked on and aligned.

3 months

1 energy massage/Private Yoga Instruction once a week.

8 hours a months of hands on treatment

Dear Krista once a week

1 Energy Session a month