In a healthy energetic relationship, people exchange information in a plethora of different ways.  Usually for most meetings, the exterior of our energetic field (also known as the aura,) meeting with another person or people’s auras and exchange information.  We are a lot like the physical cells wheres a little bit of energetic nutrition is exchanged with each and every interaction no matter how shallow or deep.

The aura is out energetic skin and overall appearance resembles the amniotic sac that surrounded out bodies when we were developing in utero.  Like the amniotic sac, out aura is charges with many jobs.  Primary to protect your body, mind and spirit.  Another job is to help and protect various functions of your life.  We will cover four in this article.

1. Your Physical Body.

2. Your Emotional/Mental Body.

3. Relational Body

4. Spiritual Body.

Layer 1 comes out of the groin area and from the surface of the skin.  This layer is in charge of our physical bodies and what encompasses that.  Do you have an ache that flairs up at certain time of the year of just keeps coming back no matter how many treatments or body work you’ve received.  The physical layer may have been compromised.  This can happen from a variety of different sources.

This physical layer correlates directly to the first chakra (an energetic dis located on the pelisse that is pivotal to keeping safe.)  It is intimately linked to the unconscious need to be physically safe.  If you have constant fears of being hurt (car accidents, fear of being mugged, convenes about developing injuries, etc.) If you have been hurt, chances are, this chakra and this layer have been compromised. 

There are two ways to knit the physical layer

Pat and Figure 8.

Tools used for Patting and a Figure 8.

Rub your hands together; setting the intention to work on and clear the physical layer.  This is also known as “tuning in” or setting a “Frame of Reference.”

With your hands, pat down on your field, about an inch over the skin and see if you can feel an area that feels different then the other areas.  Maybe the feelers denser, less whole, etc.

Another simple tool to try is the Figure 8.  Once you’ve found an area that feels different then others, simply take your hand and trace a figure 8 over the area.  Figure 8’s of all shapes and sizes and move from there.  You may notice the area changing and moving into balance.

Intentions you can set are.

“I am safe.”

“What would being safe in this Frame of Reference be feel like?”