Death is one of the most powerful forces on this planet. I saw my cousin, Brian, one week before he died. He had ALS and a rather fast moving form. He died two years after he was diagnosed. He was 28. He couldn’t speak and couldn’t move unassisted when I saw him alive that last time. I gave him a neck massage and told him what it honor it was to have known him my entire life. He started to cry. I started to cry. This energetic space opened up and I saw just how long I’ve known him. Lifetimes stacked upon lifetimes. I have no doubt that I will see him again.

Death has followed me a bit since I was 22, when I almost died in a car accident. Well, technically I did die and they sent me back. I have a resonance of what its like to cross over and come back. I do have memories of what its like over there. Its peaceful. Its pretty darn magical. There is a lot of knowledge. There is a lot of happiness. Its a place to look forward too. In that way, death is pretty amazing. However, process around a loved one going there is complex. People hold a lot of space in this physical world and seeing that space change is monumental.

However, this is not the end.

You can talk to your loved ones again.

You just might need to work people who are trained to talk to those who have crossed over.

Last week, I had the great fortune to join the Mediums at the Louisville Spiritualist Center for a practice run of their “LIGHT OF LIFE. MESSAGES FROM SPIRIT,” event that will be happening May 12th. Here the mediums of the center were practicing bringing in loved ones from the other side and giving messages from spirit.

Mediums are psychics who have been trained to connect to loved ones who have passed away and facilitate healing for both the living and the moved on. It can be an incredibly healing experience and gives people a real sense of closure and validation knowing that their loved ones may have left their bodies but are still watching out for them one way or another. The energy of passed loved ones is very spiritual, like they are made of light. It was a fascinating exercise watching everyone work. 

One of the mediums, Jen, stood up and I felt this big vortex open up behind me. I’ve only lost one family member I’ve known so far and was really hoping it was my cousin. It wasn’t. It was my grandfather who I never met, however, I “saw,” the spirit standing behind me and telling me who he was. It was surreal. I felt so accepted and touched that a family member I don’t consciously remember meeting came through the veil to speak with me. I could feel this love and acceptance and felt my body relax and melt in a way I’ve never known. He said he loved how I collected information and was happy with everything I was learning and achieving. Seeing a family member see me so deeply and be so accepting was incredibly healing. The act of observation has been proven to change reality. This apparently also applies to those who have passed on as well.

The dead in many respects are representatives of the other side and the opportunity for evolution and change a soul undergoes when not bogged down by the energies of the physical body. In the sense that the physical body can store energies and concepts (i.e. thoughts, ideas, actions and opinions, emotions) that do not belong to the soul that is in the body. Also in times of trauma and stress, you can step outside of your body and these other energies and forces can step in and dictate ideas and concepts that are not sponsored by you alone. Having a representative from the other side can free you up from these energies within yourself, especially the energies inside the heart. Feeling this touch of love and of care along with this information can help bring you to a new space of consciousness and healing.

Mediumship has been around for thousands of years. A more modern rendition is Spiritualism, where reverends are also clairvoyant and sharing messages from spirit is a huge part of helping others. Messages from the other side is a way to have reminders of where those still in bodies need to go and how they can get there with love and gratitude. Those who have passed are still an active part of a family unit, however their lack of bodies and vocal chords means they need someone with special training and gifts.

The energy of those who have passed, to me, are a lot of blue and white. White energy is very, very spiritual and also a sign of purity. Its a sign of consciousness that has a very deep understanding of unity and comes forward with the highest of intentions. Blue is restorative as well as communicative. So these souls are healing and come from a place of healing. Blue is also a color of clarity and for reaching forward. While I do wonder if they are different colors and energies when not reaching through the veil. However, it makes sense that these energies would be showing up to help others on the other side.

One thing about Mediumship is that it is an energy medicine of love and healing the heart. Its a very strong form of energy medicine and heals the soul as well as relationships. Also it teaches that death is not the end, but merely a change of form.

This May 12th, there is a group of mediums gathering to give messages to the Greater Louisville area. Tickets are only $30. you can snag them here.