You know when you get those intuitive hits about something but you brush it aside as nonsense and move on. I got that once about my car, like I kept looking at the tire and thinking, “I should have that looked at,” and I kept looking at it for like 3 weeks, thinking that every time. Did I have it looked at? No, despite the fact that the feeling got stronger, stronger and strong. I walk out to my care one morning and guess what, yep, flat tire, while parked. I get the car into the shop and I need TWO new tires. They only have premium so a whole lot of money I didn’t need to spend went bye-bye.

And of course I was like, why didn’t I listen to that voice? Why didn’t I listen to that sensation?

I started asking the open ended question, “How can I listen to these sensations and feelings more?”

I had this really annoying pattern of being bullied in workplaces. Its something that followed me around for most of my life, like a feedback loop that was super annoying. Sometimes, energetically, we get stuck in these loops and mine was being picked on bosses and co-workers.

Well, a couple of weeks later, I got a job recommendation to a local gym. It was exactly what I wanted, teaching multiple yoga classes a week and the opportunity to have a massage room on the premises. It was in the perfect location and less then a mile from my house. The owner was really funny

and spunky. I really liked them. It seemed too good to be true.  While we were chatting about the space I felt this uneasy feeling in the pit of my chest and I was like, uh…. oh, but like brushed it off because I mean, come on. This is exactly what I’ve been asking for like about a year. I manifested this shit.

So I went and taught a couple of classes there. The people were great. The first class had four students, which is number I love working with. They were really into the stuff I was teaching and it was really neat. Then one week I go in and the uneasy feeling was getting really heavy. One person came to class and the feeling got worse. Then in the middle of class, this huge black energetic box appeared in my peripheral vision. It was the same density as my chest. The box was invisible to the student, but not to me. Anyway, so I’m teaching and this box starts feeling like every abusive job situation I’ve ever had, at once. Its getting bigger and filling the room. It was so intense.

It scared me but that still wasn’t enough convince me yet. This was a dream location! So a day later, I get an offer for another dream job doing backstage massage for a company I’ve been in contact for over a year. Here was finally my chance! And it was on one of the days I was teaching. I contact the owner and they felt aggressive about finding a sub. I call around to local yoga instructors and spend two days looking for a substitute. Nothing. I start to cry and felt so trapped. All what I wanted and manifested didn’t seem to be that anymore. I was so worried that this gym had no sub list. Most movement centers do have a list of people you can call.

There were finally enough signs, that I put in my two weeks. The owner was angry at me and stopped my employment right away without telling me. Then four months later the gym moved from that perfect location to somewhere far away from me. All the signs were totally correct. What looked like my dream job, was not my dream job at all.

Open ended questions are the best way to find what you need and warn you against what you don’t need.

Try it today. Just ask a question to the Universe and see what you get back in return!