One of the most important things to remember in manifesting your deepest desire is not to be attached to it.  Its okay to be excited about it showing up but the key is not being attached and expecting it to show up.  Once about 5 years ago, I was in Arizona on trip.  Funds were tight, definably one of those, “Oh boy oh boy, do I hope my paycheck comes soon.  I was pretty gosh darn sure I was going to run out of money in the middle of the desert.  It was to the point I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to get dinner that night.  A friend of mine was driving the car and I see my bank on a corner.  I asked her to pull over and I jump out, run to the ATM and with anxious fingers fervently type in my PIN to check my balance.  My account had several thousand dollars!  I just stared at the a paper over and over again.  I was going to be okay.   Everything was going to be ok.  My work had realized had had an accounting error and had deposited the money into my account without telling me.

Stress and anxiety are silent dream killers.  When people mention that they don’t get things they desire it is likely a cause of stress.  When people are chasing a dream hard and fast, with tremendous drive but don’t see that dream to come into fruition its due to being too attached one particular outcome.  By being attached to a particular outcome 

and not seeing that outcome manifesting in our world, its hard.  Its really hard and that becomes a source of stress.

Meditation is the #1 means of calming the mind, body and spirit to reduce stress and manifest your dreams.

Breath in through your nose and watch where that breath goes.  Is it into your upper chest?  Push it deeper into your chest.  Fill your lungs all the way.  Watch how your ribcage moves.    Notice how the sides of your ribs push and balloon out to the sides.  Breath for 5 Breaths

Now, transfer the movement of breathing down to your abdominal area.  Feel your belly expanding as you breath in and and push in as you breath out.  Watch that area.  How does that make you feel?  Imagine you are breathing in  clean and fresh energy and breathing out stagnant unneeded energy.  Breath for 5 Breaths.

Now move the breath into your upper and lower body.  You can place one hand on your chest and the other on your belly.  Feel both areas raising and falling.  Breathing in new, refreshing, revitalizing energy and breathing out any stale and unneeded energy.    Breath for 5 Breaths. 

Want to add a bit more pizzaz to your meditation. 

Take your fingers and lightly touch them to each temple. Imagine in your mind a representation of something that is stressing you out.  Imagine how you would rather your life be like, pretending like you already have.  Repeat the above steps.

Add some Yoga to your meditation

Take your hands into a prayer position with the breath concentrated on your chest.  Take a deep breath in and Hold your Breath!  Float your left arm above your head and push your right hand down to the ground.  Side bend towards your uplifted arm.  Push with your lungs without exhaling and push stagnant energy out of your hands.  If you like you can also make the motion of breathing out, firing the diaphragm muscle (the muscle that directs the lungs). 

Repeat on the Opposite side. 

Here an an opportunity to go through a 30 minute guided meditation embodying the Lungs and working with the breath to calm the mind and body. If you would like a workbook and an mp3 of the meditation you can get it here.