When I saw the coronavirus news coverage in China, my heart felt uneasy. When they were building the 16 emergency hospitals and people were forced in the quarantine, their pets were trapped at home and starved. Other people were locked into their houses and told they couldn’t leave. I felt alarmed. When the stories of how the Chinese government suppressed hundreds of keywords related to the virus on their social media, I remember bending over, putting my hand on my chest where I felt a big, black energy ball. My eyes widened. It was a warning. I turned to my roommate and said, “Do we need to worry about this?” My body had already told me. Yes, this was something to worry about.

Three weeks later, my business temporarily closed. The majority of my income was halted. My life completely changed. Even in this crisis, I turned to my heart and my intuition on how to find balance. It felt like everything had been flipped turned upside down and pulled inside out. However, even here I found a sense of calm.

It boiled down to being in the heart space and trust to take care of the things I had control over and to let go of where there was no control.

Energetic hits that are unclear need an element of trust and exploration. Sometimes, they let themselves be known when something happens.  Your heart is your navigation center to discern intuitive information. What is making you uneasy right now? Is it a lack of income? Is it, rent, mortgage being due? Is it your health or your children at home? Are you working from home and taking care of children? Are you able to rest? What is causing dis-ease within you and taking you away from the present moment? That’s all unease is, “I’m not safe. I need to be protected.” So tune in on that heart centered divine intelligence. Concentrate on those things that are causing unease, worry and the unsurety.

The energies of the heart are the gateways to truth, love and relationship when they are balanced. The physical human heart produces 50x more electricity then the brain. It is the the first organ to form when your body forms in utero. While we live in a society that encourages and rewards mental prowess, it is more important to have emotional health and allow your feelings to feed what information the head processes for you. The head is not your navigation system. It is the logistical system. You need to use your head in order to make sense or map out something your heart has told you. Since the heart is capable of managing more energy, it is a conduit of truth. When it comes to knowing if you are safe or not, the heart will help you discern if this is a reality or is a phantom of something stored in the head or the shadow of a previous trauma. If you are in a place of panic in a time of crisis, it is important to feel your body somatically. It is important to feel your hand on your chest. This activates your physical body as well as your energy body. By bonding closer to the present moment instead of scary possibilities, you are able to discern the truth and also give yourself many more options. Your body in conjunction with heart intelligence will help you see if the threat should be entertained or not.

You know there is a virus going around. There is something that can invade your body and hijack it. It could cause you to go to the hospital. It could kill you or it can cause a loved one to go to the hospital. It can pass from you could kill someone you love or be an unintentional conduit in a stranger’s death. The energy around you spikes when you think about your interconnection to the people around you being turned against you in this way. When you tune back to the heart. Put your hands right on your chest. This is the seat of the heart chakra, which is our relationship energy center.

Do you feel like you are in your head more? Do you feel like you are in your heart more?

One way to discern that is are you in this present moment or are you somewhere else?

Being in the head is drastically different then being in the heart. The brain and the chakras associated with that mental space are originally designed to sort through and broadcast data that are associated with strategy, logic, mental intuitive knowing and planning.

Its designed to take the lower frequencies that have been synthesized within the the lower chakras then the heart space and fine tune how to order that information and send them back down. This pantomimes the physical nervous systems where the brain sends signals down the back and the body sends signals back to the brain. Action and execution of plans and information are carried out by the lower chakras. It helps carry this energetic load very well. The head is not mean for heavy lifting.  The heart can manage and execute far more information and intuitive know. Much how the physical hard can pump blood through the rest of the body in order to help carry out action. The heart sends information where it needs to go within the body.

One way to start to build awareness of being in your heart space.

Tune Into Your Heart

Go ahead and rub your palms together until you feel a lot of heat. Take a deep breath in. Place your hands on your heart. Exhale. What you’re going to be doing is you’re going to tune into your soul, the souls of all your helper spirits and source that place where we’re all interconnected. Really feel that right here in your heart space. Maybe you feel it underneath your hand. Maybe you see a color. Start to move your hand over your ribcage. Trace counter-clockwise from down on the right up on the left, down on the right and up on the left. This is home to the physical heart as well as the heart chakra. Breathe in. Feel your chest rising as you breathe in through your nose. This is home. This is present. Always remember that the heart is your navigation system. It is also your warning system. The sensations and know your experience will let you know if you are truly safe or unsafe. Are the things that are worrying and causing unease true to your experience?

Discerning Your Energetic Heart.

The energy of others can get into your field in a multitude of ways. Usually, its like energetic debris that filters around you, like pollution. You have energy fields that naturally will filter out energies that don’t belong you, but long levels of stress, trauma and overwhelm and can cause that system to fail.

If you are in your head or not inside your body (such as cases with energetic disassociation) then it is very easy to pick up on the energies of other people. Over time, or if its a deep trigger, energy or someone’s thought can be attracted and pulled into the body. When this happens, you will process someone else’s thought and emotion. It can affect the energetic constitution of the heart itself. One way you can feel how that is by learning to discern the surfaces of your energetic heart.

One easy way you can do that is by discerning your energetic heart. Usually, much like there physical heart, there is a relatively uniform feel to the surface of it, with slight

It feels very calm here

These are the heart energies that we’re playing with. Moving to center, moving to calm, because unfortunately in crisis your fight, flight, freeze, fawn response is going to go way up and your ability to problem solve is also going to go down. Part of the reason for this is that energetically, you are in your head space and have limited access to the rest of your energies. Neurologically, you’re in a fight, flight, freeze, fawn reaction, you’re also in the amygdala of the brain. This is the reptilian aspect of the brain. This is where the wounded child lives. This is where your spiritual sense disappears when faced with large amounts of stress. This is a place you go when you’ve been hurt many, many times.


This is where you need to make sure that your basic needs are met. Having that threatened or shifted is going to send you into a deep survival mode. What’s going to happen?  That’s the big question. One way that you can find out is to tune in on your body. Another way is to tune into the heart like we just did. Simple. Sometimes not so simple because there are the energies that aren’t yours that can cause how you are feeling to increase drastically. There is a lot of people panicking right now. If you’re energetically sensitive, which we all are to a degree, you could be mistaking the feelings of the masses as your own. So how do you discern

What’s my energy and what isn’t?

Going Deeper into Heart Space.

Go into that heart space. Breathe in. Feel your sternum rise. Exhale.

Breathe in. Feel your sternum rise. Exhale.

Breathe. Exhale. Now that was just a quick two breathes. What’s changed? Maybe things slowed down internally for you.

The more you are able to discern and be in the heart space, the more one can you will be able to discern what is yours to do and what is not yours to do. This is very important when decided what your next steps need to be. It will also help take you out of a place of stress and move into a place of relaxation. By taking the charge out of your neurological system, you can begin to discern and understand where you are safe and also where you need to work on more stability.