Once, when I was 24, I was on a family vacation in New Jersey. Beach walking was and is my favorite meditation. The winds and wet sand as water washed over my feet is such a spiritual experience. At the time I still needed once crutch to get around, another story for another day, but well… crutches and sand don’t go hand and hand. Plus, I hated it. It was a symbol that I was a cripple (a mindset that came from inside of me and the people around me but thats a different story for a different time). I chucked the crutch and spent some time with my feet in the water. It wasn’t long before my lower back was throbbing. I started crying and looking into my future with fear. If it hurt this much at 24, what was it going to be when I was 34, 44, 54? A terror that only pain awaited me enclosed around me. I didn’t notice the wind or the water, just the dull throb in my lower back and what that meant for my future.

Well, fast forward 12 years and no pain. I have walked hundreds of miles next to oceans and not felt that slow throb since that day.

And why?

Because I got real with with myself. I realized I needed to work on this issue if I was going too see benefit.

So yes, you can treat your own pain.

Yes, a massage therapist, or movement practitioner will likely be able to give you a serious head start. Awareness of how you move and support from practitioners are the two big ways of lessening and releasing pain in your body. A lot of it stems from how we move and what is compensating and causing issue when we move.

Here are Three Ways you can Self Treat Back and Hip Pain With Self Massage, Energy Healing and Yoga

Tip One.

Its all about the feet.


Because the feet are the part of your body you use to move through the world. They are our lighting rod to the earth and the gravity pressing down upon us.

Tip Two.

Energy Healing.

This is because energy is the beginning of any issues and has been the easiest and most effective tool for self care. It could also be thought of as taking care of yourself on the cellular level, the bare foundation of how you are comprised and made up of.

Energy enters and exits our body is through through the feet. You have an actual energy center right in that low back that directly connect to this current and is located in the same place as a lot of low back pain. That is what’s known as a Ming Men point. The Ming Men is the door of life. It is basically where all the creative energy in the middle of your body is stored.

This is a manifestation area. So if your back is hurting. If your back is hurting, that is another indicator. It could also be something as simple as how you move.

To find and work with the Ming Men.

  • Put your fingers on your belly button and move out to the side about one inch.
  • Go about one inch on each side. Trace to the same place on your back.
  • Pulse your fingers in the area.
  • Take a nice deep breath in.
  • Take your hands, wrap them around your front (the same place you wear a belt)
  • Run your hands down your legs and pull off your feet.

What this does and activate the energies within the Ming Men to flow down your waist and into the Earth. Think of it like an energetic exhale where your body releases an energy that is useful for the earth so it can take in fresh and clean energy. When this energy thats better for the earth gets stuck in our bodies, it can create pain and dysfunction.

Tip Three.

Self Massage on the Feet

When you move, any dysfunction in your feet is going to travel up to the larger joints in your body. It can travel up to your knees, if your knees hurt you. Travel up into your hips and finally the back. Sometimes, with some of my clients when I work on their back pain, suddenly they’re like, “My knee was really hurting today,” or my inner thigh or my hips, and that kind of thing. That’s basically you have to try to stop the larger joints from doing more then they need to to stop the pain. You have all these little bones traveling up right here. These are known as your metacarpal bones. A toe goes all the way up to the ankle. We’ll be concentrating on these metatarsals.

can get stuck in between these bones.

Tracing the bones in our feet with massage.

This moves energy as well as brings awareness to the feet.

  • Go to your big toe
  • Just rolling your finger over the bone. You will feel the circumference of the bone underneath the skin.
  • Continue up the foot until you can’t feel the tube of the bone towards the ankle.
  • Repeat on the rest of the toes.
  • Repeat on the other foot

What you’re also doing is letting all these little muscles of the foot and all the energies that get stuck in between your little metatarsals. This gives it an opportunity to loosen and continue with that natural flow of energy while also  . Take a nice, deep breath in and feel the fingers going over each little metatarsal.

Pull the energy off and move to the next one, right here, and just rinse and repeat.

Now go for a short walk and notice the difference.

Do this two or three times a week. And pay attention to the subtle differences. That is the main meditation in itself is seeing the small changes. This leads to knowing and seeing larger and larger changes.

Also, go to a professional, a doctor, a personal trainer, a massage therapist, a yoga instructor etc., depending on your issue. You will go much further with the help of a trained professional.