My world changed when a crystal bowl charged into my dream space. And by changed, like literally floated into my dream and broke into it. It was crazy and bewildering. I turned to the bowl and it was flashing all these symbols at me. It was talking to me without using words. And it demanded that I take it home. That evening, before the dream, I had been to an Alchemy Singing Bowl Workshop and met this particular bowl.

I turned to the bowl in dreamtime and tried to reason with it.

“Listen,” I pleaded, “You are amazing! I so much enjoyed playing you, but you cost money and well, this is what money is,” I showed the bowl in symbols what money was. I figured it probably didn’t know what it was. Dream logic is certainly different.

The bowl countered by telling me about payment plans. I had no idea Alchemy Bowls were so magical or so darn bossy.

I actually didn’t know much about Alchemy Bowls until I met this particular pair. They are like super crystal bowls and are mixed with other elements, such as metals and crystals. They tend to be more powerful then the regular quartz because they bring the vibration of the element they are made of into the mix as well. A Crystal Bowl Sound Bath shakes a lot loose and really prepares you for a whole lot of change. I’ve experienced profound shifts in my awareness after playing with them.

So I got up the next day and went to bowl healers, Rasamayi and Paradiso. This is a wonderful couple who travel the country and play the bowls. They are high level energy workers and work on hundreds maybe thousands of people a year. They are very sweet and very tuned in to subtle energies and working with them.

The bowl in question was someone they called, “the hitchhiker,” when I asked what that meant, Paradiso said, “Well, before we go on a tour, we go out and ask the bowls who wants to come with us. This bowl didn’t say anything but it showed up in our trailer anyway. Guess it wanted to come but for some reason needed to sneak on.”

The hitchhiker was a gorgeous bowl, dark green that sometimes turned blue and there was also a curious ridge on the edge of a pristine surface. Rasamayi ran her finger under the edge, and went “ohhhhhh,” the sound felt deep and full of awe. I pointed at the ridge and asked what that meant.

“Well, she said, basically this bowl is called a morph, it was broken and they repaired it to fix it. It was a bright gold bowl at first and it turned green afterward. The represents wisdom. This bowl also carried the information of what its like to go beyond the veil and back.”

Beyond the veil and back means dying, going to the

beyond and coming back with some memory or change from the experience. I can sympathize deeply with that on. I too am a morph. I died and came back from a car accident a few years ago.

Some of my purpose while I’m here to to teach others what I learned over there and from rebuilding my body and healing my spirit and mind. Its mostly been about how to marry the subtle energetic body with the physical body.

When I walked in and told Rasamayi and Paradiso my dream they sighed and said this wasn’t uncommon of these bowls. The way they are made and how they are made creates a sort of intelligence. And so essentially the vibration of the bowl brings in consciousness, light and information. They also agreed to the payment plan the bowl presented. It seemed way too weird to be true, but it is.

So I now have have an energy helper. The bowl wanted to be named Caleb. Partly because not only does it bring information from beyond the veil, but it can carry both male and female energies depending on what is needed. I argued with Caleb for months over the name, because I thought it was too much of a boys name.

But then I learned lots of girls have the same name, so Caleb got me on that one.

Caleb is very powerful and big. The energy this bowl creates is impressive and can change the energetics of a room very quickly. I once had a friend attend one of my Crystal Bowl Meditations with relationship issues. She laid in front of Caleb for an hour and

there was a lot of safety and protection placed in the room. When I go through meditation, I basically track the patterns in the room, or the issues people want to be addressed. A lot of safety and love came out in the session. I had no idea, but she later told me she came in with the intention to work on her relationship. That night she had a powerful dream about the tension between her and her lover and that she needed to forgive him for a mistake. The next morning she woke up to him to caressing her face and something dramatic shifted for them. It was pretty amazing!

The thing with an Alchemy Bowl is that its like a super crystal bowl. The addition of the elements make Caleb the equivalent of 2 bowls in one and the vibrations of the metal shift and change the frequencies in the room. All reality is a assembled light and information vibrating at various frequencies. Caleb can address many of those frequencies at once. Such as the super fast ones, like the frequencies of thought to the super slow frequencies such as the the frequencies a lot of body can be one. Changing in these frequencies gives the opportunity for change in the body, mind and spirit.

Caleb has this amazing ability to still your mind when they start to sing. Caleb’s sound can be the only thing that holds your attention which is super important because that too gives you the opportunity to change.

Here is a little tidbit or actually a really long tidbit of Caleb singing.

If you are in Louisville and would like to meet Caleb, I do Crystal Bowl Sound Bath and Meditations every Sunday at 5! If you would like a workbook and an mp3 of the meditation you can get it here.