In a personal, Intuitive Sound Bath/Energy Clearing, Energy Healer Krista Matheny listens to your guides and tracks energies that are asking to be balanced. This is transformed into a guided meditation that is physical and deeply energetic. Crystal Alchemy Bowls provide a sound bath that clean out deep patterns in the chakras and also detox your body.

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Crystal Alchemy Bowls are super crystal bowls and are mixed with other elements, such as metals and crystals. They tend to be more powerful then the regular quartz because they bring the vibration of the element they are made of into the mix as well. A Crystal Bowl Sound Bath shakes a lot loose and really prepares you for a whole lot of change. I’ve experienced profound shifts in my awareness after playing with them.

You’ll be immersed in the energies of






-Itogawa Jade


You can enjoy healing energies that also help set your brain to Theta Waves within 10 minutes. This the same brainwave of deep meditation and spiritual experiences.  They also ease the nervous system to help you drift into deep relaxations.

The bowls also balance your energy systems. In a private sound bath, they are also placed upon your body to let their vibration to directly move into your cells and the rest of your body.