A big reason why we have trouble modulating high anxiety environments because the holidays are a hot bed for people being in stress and duress. Whether that’s coming  a lot of us are in colder weather and its time to slow down, but the holidays are actually a faster energy. A really great way to get even more energy is to check and work with your connection to the earth.

A really great way to get connected to the earth is by clearing the Gates of the feet. So your feet are actually made to be like little energetic conduits that take in earth energy up through the body and to the chakra system, traveling all the way up and feeding the system that way.

And also releasing any energy that doesn’t belong to us through the feet as well and returning it to the earth. It’s a filtration system. What happens is that we live in a world where we have rubber soles. We sit in cars. We walk on concrete. We may not actually put our feet on the physical earth nearly as much as what our bodies were evolved to do. As a result, you can be running 

on less energy than you need. I mean, one great way to automatically get that going is to walk outside barefoot. It might be a little cold for that or you may not be in an environment where that is as permissible.

Another way that you can is by clearing the Gates to clear the Gates. What you do is you’re going to press in between the spaces between your bones on your feet and so you’re just going to press, move down the foot and pull that energy off. Then you’re going to go to the next phase. You’re going to press, pull that energy down and pull that energy off with your hands. And what that does is that clears the energy and clears the systems for that.

If you have the time here’s an unaffiliated link to some sandbags on Amazon taking some to do bonding to the earth. This is also a really great way to tonify all the cells in your body and to get earth energy into all four sides of your body. This goes into a much deeper place because this reminds your body when it was developing in utero, when you had the sides of your embryonic sack and the placenta all around your body and you’re up against your mother’s womb. That brings a real deep sense of safety. Having weight there also does that as well.

Bonding to the Earth

-Lay down on your back with your knees over a yoga bolster, or a rolled up blanket and a eye pillow across your eyes.

-place the sandbags, one down your chest and the other across your hips

  • Feel the weight of the sandbags pressing you into the ground
  • Also, feel the earth floating up into you, the heavens are the front body, and the earth is the back body.
  • Turn onto your side, using your arm as a pillow and place the sandbags on your ribcage and your hips
  • Find any place in your body that is pushing away and pressed into the earth and repeat on the other side.
  • Turn onto your other side and rearrange the sandbags.
  • Finally, end on your stomach

    Another reason why energies during holidays tend to feel extreme and we tend to get anxious and overwhelmed during the holidays is especially when our bodies do not have as much access to energy as we need in order to push any energies away that don’t properly belong to us. So one way is home something called homolateral condition. Homo lateral condition is when the energies in the body are going straight up and down instead of crossing. And so when this happens, um, you literally again only have access to about half your energies. When you think about it, the human body is meant to cross. Our energies are meant to cross. When you walk your left leg and your right arm go forward, while the opposite goes back and vice versa, we’re just meant to cross and everything that we do.

Now what happens is if you get sick or overwhelmed, triple warmer gets very imbalanced. If you have like an accident and can’t move around very often the energies will move from crossing to going straight up and down, developmentally speaking. This is how we moved when we were little babies. We start off with a homolateral type of movement. And then eventually when we learned to crawl and moving from that, we move into a cross. So when our energies revert back to that homolateral stage. It’s really trying to save energy. It’s a space saver.  Homolateral condition just an effort to conserve. And just like the saber tooth tiger is only meant to be temporary. So one way a call, a few symptoms of homolateral condition is



-having trouble remembering

-lack of motivation

-feeling tired and fatigued

-easily overwhelmed very easily being in a state of overwhelm for a very long time and several more.

     So in order to cross your energies, it’s very simple. First way to cross is take the right arm, put it on that left shoulder and then drag the hand from the shoulder all the way across your body to your hip. They’re going to take that left hand, put it on that right shoulder, cross all the way down to that hip and then here you’re going to March in place. When that left knee comes up, you smack it with the right hand. When that right knee comes up, yes, smack it with the left hand. Do this for about 15 paces. Then pause and just notice what feels different.

   Other ways that you can homo lateral cross crawl. You can sit in a chair and rock back and forth and then you turn and touch the opposite knee. Turn and touch the opposite knee and repeat this about 15 times. You just rock back and forth on your sit bones while you’re sitting in a chair.