I believe that you have the power to change your world. Taking the time to work on your body is key.  The challenge is building the confidence and trust within yourself to recognize and engage with the energy that makes up your surroundings.

You have control of your reality.

You don’t need to worry that you’re trapped in a cycle of bad luck or dead end relationships.

You have the energetic ability to transform your path and stop history repeating itself.

And when you do…

You’ll experience less pain in your body.

Have more energy to focus on the things you love with people who love and respect you.

And experience a greater sense of joy and ease in everything you do.

“First thing you need to know:  I have treated myself to some pretty fancy places when I make the decision to go get a massage as I am very physically active, and this was hands down the best massage I have ever received. If you are not going for 90 minutes as opposed to 60, you are making an enormous mistake for your body because whether you know it or not, there is probably plenty to address on your body. I felt like jello afterwards and best of all had more awareness of the stresses on my body as Krista was fantastic about providing understanding of the way my muscles are connected and how they work, as well as their natural tendencies in relation to my physical activities. Furthermore, she gave me some great tips on how to help myself. If I lived in Louisville, I’d be paying her a visit for a treatment at least once a week.


Have a stressful job
Drive a lot
Perform a lot of physical activity
Don’t drink enough water
Run around like a crazy person waving your arms in the air for fits of 20-30 minutes at a time
Basically are any living, breathing human being with enough disposable income and a general sense of caring for your well-being


Dan K

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients over the past ten years to get out of pain, to align their bodies and their intuitive gifts. When you work with me you get access to to my bodywork knowledge, movement prowess and intuitive gifts. Though this, you’ll learn what your guides need to communicate to you to give you the clarity you need.

In a massage with me, you’ll find pain relief and a general sense of relaxation and well being.

In an intuitive reading, I’ll show you how to open up to your own gifts and correct issues in your soul.

In a Yoga Practice you’ll learn how to meet your physical and energetic needs in tandem.

As we work together I’ll encourage you to embrace your body and look deeply into why and how energies affect your job and relationships. The key is to notice the small and large changes in your life.

Things will get easier.

History will be erased.

And that little voice, you know, the one that had you browsing the self-help section, reading yoga articles, picking up tarot cards, will become louder and louder as your connect and realign to Source.

By the time our work together is done you’ll have a much deeper understanding of how your body works, the energies that affect your movement, body, spirit and emotions and a navigator of your reality.

My first year of employment taught me that being energetically aware was ALSO important. I was sucking up all my client’s emotions. The energies around me were so intense I had a lot of trouble discerning my personal emotional and physical pain from those around me. This lead me to intensely study, energy healing from practitioners such as best selling author and energy medicine educator, Donna Eden, Dr. Richard Bartlett N.D. D.C.  and international best selling author and energy medicine expert, Cyndi Dale.

In my studies, I learned the intense relationship between movement and energetic health. I went on to study various types of therapeutic yoga and deepen my massage skills. This amalgam is necessary to for full mind, body and spirit balance. I’ve studied under some top bodyworkers such as shiatsu master, Waturo Ohashi, founder of the Ohashi Institute, to Massage Therapy Hall of Famer Judith Aston, to Anatomy Trains Instructor James Earls. In yoga I was blessed to learn under somatic expert Lisa Clark.

The teachings of these minds and bodies has really taught me that in order to create incredible change in one’s world, one’s body and energies need to come first and like anything that needs to be exercised and practiced under a laser focused program. You don’t need to jump on planes across the country for this knowledge and wisdom, I have gathered it up for you. This program is an opportunity to set some intensive intentions matched with the action of unraveling patterns. This is how real, lasting change is made. Those chronic aches and pains that “you just have to live with,” can be transformed into forgotten experiences.

Work with Me