I had a teacher who was very strong in the tenth chakra. He was funny and charismatic. He was a doctor who had openly practiced energy healing for years. He taught energy healing as a form of preventative medicine. There was an unbelievably high student retention rate. I’m talking like 85% of students who took a class with him would come back, over and over again.These classes weren’t in the same town. We students, literally would board planes and meet in various parts of the country, for years. Colorado, Illinois, Oregon, Bermuda, Washington DC, etc, etc, etc. We all literally saved and saved and saved and got on these planes to take these energy classes. And all of us were extremely nice, smart and compassionate people. I’m talking software engineers. I’m talking Doctors. I’m talking people in the film industry. Accomplished writers. Very intellectual and motivated group of people. It was pretty magical what happened when we got together. This teacher was the epicenter of that. The pin or pedestal where we all hinged together so to speak.

The thing with the 10th Chakra is that it is governed by action. It is a chakra that changes physical reality. When people talk of manifesting something this is the chakra that helps spin it into physical reality. It is literally a power center. This is the center that creates powers and weaves reality together. It is a chakra that spins at lower frequency. Now, what do I mean by frequency. Essentially its a vibration that doesn’t move very fast, much like physical items. One of the fastest vibrations is light and one the slowest vibrations would be a mountain.  Mountains move, but it takes thousands of years for a change to be apparent. The molecules move, but you can’t see it with the naked eye.

These classes were dedicated to learning how to embody both the energy body as well as the physical body. It was about discipline and learning to be strong and independent. It also had a heavy stint on being a “spiritual warrior,” looking at the world as needed to defend yourself and your energy work.

 These were all very heavy 10th chakra concepts. Creating clear delineated boundaries and defending these boundaries very aggressively. It was all about gaining and growing power in order to be of service to help other people. At least that was taught and said in classes. These where balanced 10th chakra concepts, however the imbalances were there and would grow into some pretty disharmonious relationship power dynamics that ran a bit rampant until the group imploded. A lot of abuse of power happened within this group because this teacher was unable to see or balance this 10th chakra energy. All of this was realized in hindsight when I was energetically cleaning up. Sometimes, one needs to go through the patterns in real time in order to understand them. This is especially true of the 10th Chakra since it deals so intimately with earths energies.

These classes weren’t fun at all. The point was to heal and to heal you had to be in a lot of pain. It wasn’t real unless it was very painful physically, emotionally, spiritually and/or mentally.  I started having panic attacks, ptsd flashbacks in these classes and I was encouraged to continue to do so. I would walk into these classes and be crippled by anxiety and was convinced it was just the next pattern that needed to be healed. Now there is an element of truth to this concept. Sometimes, healing can be painful. Sometimes painful feelings or events come up in order to invite change, but this shouldn’t be the norm and it shouldn’t happen all the time.  It was so intense in these classes, I would actually be scared of the teacher and avoid him. I would isolate myself from the other students. Other people would have a lot of stomach issues. Like we would be very sick during the classes and by the time the class was over the symptoms would go away.

And yes, red flag here. Huge series of red flags. So why did I keep going back and why did I keep going for 4 years. Well, intellectually, the material was good and useful. There was also a lot of truth that was wrapped up in a bunch of crap, but definitely a lot of truths.  I still use what I learned there today. And 2nd, this teacher convinced me it was for my own good. I truly believed that pain was the path to healing. I was already very used to feeling stress and pain from a life and childhood that are others tales for other times.\. That all this pain and all this hardship was just the fast track to being healed and being powerful. The whole goal of this process was to be completely healed and gain power to help others.  Also I was convinced that the teacher/doctor was the only person who could heal me. He was going to be my savior.

So here’s the kicker. This teacher never actually convinced me of anything. He was very strong in the 10th Chakra, and also imbalanced in the 10th chakra. I was also imbalanced in the 10th Chakra so it wasn’t a wonder that I had a pretty close and powerful maladaptive relationship that matched those energies of power dynamics. The 10th Chakra’s job is connection to the earth and also physical power. I felt powerless and disconnected from the earth and was convinced it was through another person that that was going to be reconnected. 

The tenth chakra also holds the information of your ancestors, the good, the powerful and the ugly. This teacher taught heavily that these ancestral lines needed to be cleaned in order to have greater access to power and healing. What was interesting is that both sides of my family are very psychic and both sides are really good at seeing through illusion. However, both sides of my family has have a significant history of being disempowered and controlled by outside forces and people. During the course of my time under this teacher, I was told over and over again how I was far too weak, weird and sick to be of much use to others. That it was impossible for me to be healed unless we got down to some super deep and super specialized healing. He constantly degraded and insulted me and then would later come telling me how talented I was and how I saw things others couldn’t see. It was literally the cycle of abuse and a cycle that many of my forefathers and foremothers had also danced in. Playing out these old, familial patterns kept me locked in this 

strange cycle of sickness and hope that I would be healed one day.  It turned out this ancestral energy and the power of the 10th chakra took me out of this situation all together. 

The majority of what this teacher taught was black and white and piled on a heap of ethics. There was a code to energy work. There was a code to helping yourself so you could help others. And there was a code of right and wrong. One of the biggest things he taught was how bad it was to sleep with students (another red flag, I know, I know.) so when it happened, a very powerful wave swept through the group of student. We all got very sick. I was on the couch for weeks unsure what happened. It took me going to a very proficient energy healer, Cyndi Dale (I highly recommend her) to get some clarity and help. Just one session with her, uncovered the deception and within a week I learned this teacher had cheated on his wife with a married student and was lying about it. Soon all the half truths and all the misinformation came to the surface like a tsunami. It was a wave of power and a wave of freedom.

It took me six months to officially leave. It took another year or so to grieve. When I left, I didn’t just leave a teacher. I left an entire community of people. Over half of his dedicated students also left and the group fell away. It was very sad in many ways. It was losing a family.

However, it was a small lose with huge gains. My 10th chakra healed and balanced rabidly. Manifesting became very easy. I had broken away from a lot of unbalanced ancestral energy and embraced the gifts given to me from my family. My intuition deepened and I felt the hum of the earth under my feet.

The best way to get to know your 10th Chakra is to Fork Yourself.


Just grab a magnet from the fridge and see if it sticks to the fork. It is important to have the fork made from a metal that is magnetic in order to help you embody your 10th Chakra deeper. What can happen is that the 10th Chakra is located below your feet and interconnects to the Root Chakra. However, shoes, concrete roads, long time in front of technology etc.

Take the Tines of the Fork and Run it under your foot.

This helps take away any stagnant energy that may have formed under your feet.

Another way to spend time in nature. The more you are in nature, the deeper your connection to the 10th Chakra grows and can self clean on its own.

While I don’t recommend joining a cult like class in order to learn more about cleaning out and balancing your ancestral patterns, I do encourage learning more about cleaning energy and working through these patterns yourself or with another person or people. In Empath Development, we always are playing and working with various energies to learn and work with identifying patterns and how to move into balance!